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Learning Out of the Door

Edu Outdoor is Singapore’s leading outdoor activities provider. They work with schools and professional organisations to conduct training camps for both children and adults.

Pinnacle One revamped the existing website and implemented an internal eLearning solution to up-skill their new trainers. We also implemented a CRM system integrated with a survey module for Edu Outdoor. The survey module allows post camp feedback to be easily collated and recorded for analysis.




Edu Outdoor has over 50 locations, both local and overseas that they can conduct training at.  Each location has a full page description, pictures or vidoes. They wanted visitors to be able to easily access the information they need without overwhelming them.

Pinnacle One created a clean and easy-to-navigate design. Visitors can access relevant information through the top and side menu. Information is displayed in an appealing and visual manner to create an immersive user experience.



Extensive testing was done to ensure the website looked beautiful on all devices



At Edu Outdoor, there is a significant turnover of their trainers every year.  To help Edu Outdoor save time and money, Pinnacle One implemented an e-Learning solution that delivered basic course content online, such as Standard Operating Procedures for Camps. Automated self-assessment was implemented to ensure that the trainers had a basic level of understanding on what training to provide during camps and the operating procedures.


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