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Rising Dragon, Soaring Success

Success Dragon is a listed company in Hong Kong that provides outsourced management solutions to the gaming industry.

Success Dragon was previously known as CY foundation. Pinnacle One helped with the re-branding of the company and revamped their existing website.  They wanted a modern, forward looking corporate website that leave visitors with a great impression.

Three languages were supported: English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.



The website was designed based on their brand guidelines and color schemes. Multiple revisions were shared with the client and we engaged closely with the CEO to ensure that the look and feel is perfect for them

The website was also designed for easy updates by their staff. The administrative panel allows them to upload news and announcements in a few clicks. A visual editor was implemented to allow easy editing of content by non-technical staff.



Extensive testing was done to ensure the website look and feel was consistent across all devices.



Pinnacle One also created Success Dragon new logo, taking into consideration specific requirements from the client’s Fengshui Master. The blue color symbolizes the water element which represents life and business growth. The dragon represents the strength and vision of the company.

As part of the branding exercise, we also redesigned their name cards, stationary and prepared booklets for their press conference.

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