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Wavehouse Sentosa Events

Wavehouse Sentosa has an iconic 70,000 sq ft beachfront venue that offers exhilarating wave rides and the ultimate beach lifestyle experience in Singapore. Besides retail customers, Wavehouse Sentosa is targeting companies and individuals who are looking for locations to host their next event.




We started off by identifying the direction, look and feel of the website, following their brand standards. The design process was iterative and multiple revisions were made before we arrived at the final product

Working closely with the events team, we crafted an immersive experience for visitors using full width background images, photo galleries and elegant typography to tell the story about Wavehouse


Responsive Design

Extensive testing was done to ensure that the website looks beautiful on all devices



Booking System

To increase revenue and boost customer satisfaction, Wavehouse wanted to have an online portal that allows customers to book their singnature Flowrider ride. To support this, new business processes had to be designed and validated

Pinnacle One implemented an online booking portal, integrated with their Point of Sales system that allowed booking to be done over the counter by the cashier. The system supported new booking processes and integrated smoothly into existing operations.

Purchase & Customer Information can also be retrieved easily for marketing, enabling their marketing team to send out targeted messages to interested customers easily

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