Easy to use point of sales systems for F&B and retail shops.
Run your shop more efficiently  today.


User Friendly Interface

Process transactions on a touch Screen computer. Button Layouts can be customised to match your preference.

Manage your Sales & Inventory

Easily generate end of day sales report to reconcile with your cash balance. Inventory and stock levels are automatically updated with each sale.

F&B Support

Support custom restaurant features such as Table Layout, Set Menus, Composite products for F&B Outlets and Kitchen printing of orders.

Customer Add-On

Track Customer purchasing history. Implement a simple membership discount system, and generate membership reports.
  • Transaction set with multiple & split tender options.
  • Process special orders, discounts and promos.
  • Simple to add, change, receive, transfer and request inventory.
  • Customer data entry and detailed purchase history.
  • Returns and refunds tracking.
  • Transaction process independent of internet.

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